What I Do

Content Writing Services

Tailored Content

I compose valuable content with a specific purpose in mind, whether its business marketing, commercial affairs, or communicating company philosophy. My aim is always to reach the target audience, educate them about the company's product or service, provide a rich experience, and build trust. 

Brand Journalist Services

  • Magazine Articles
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Website Content
  • Email Copy

Copywriting Services

Outsourced Copywriting

It takes a lot of copy to make online marketing work — and most clients constantly need a variety of materials to bring in new prospects, turn them into paying customers, and keep them loyal and buying more. Let me write your advertisements and publicity material so that you can focus on developing your brand and offering the best customer service. 

Digital Marketing Projects

  • Catalogue copy for manuscripts
  • Short and medium copy for manuscripts
  • Product descriptions for print catalogue and Amazon
  • Online Ad Inserts: Google, PPC, Banner and Facebook

Translation Services

Individualized Translations

Custom translation services complete with investigation of industry and market standards at no additional cost. I aim to capture the meaning and establish a flow in the text that makes reading enjoyable and interesting. 

Services Include:

  • Mission and/or Vision of Company
  • Product and Services Descriptions
  • Published articles and Blog posts
  • Catalogue copy
  • Marketing and Publicity Material
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