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I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Newton, Massachusetts when I was eleven. I attended Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart and received a bachelor’s degree in Business from Boston College. I returned to Venezuela to work with my family in real estate management.

Five years later, I enrolled at the Bread Loaf School of English of Middlebury College and received a Master’s in Art. Through Bread Loaf, I’ve studied in Juneau, Alaska, Oxford, England and Middlebury, Vermont. I live in Caracas, Venezuela, am happily married and am mother to two girls.

I’ve worked in telecommunications, property management, retail and the publishing industry. Throughout my career I’ve done translations (Spanish and English), content writing (blog posts), and self-published a coming of age novel. My most recent position was at Inner Traditions in Rochester, Vermont, where I evaluated the translations of Spanish titles, wrote catalogue copy for books, blog posts for the company’s website, short and medium marketing descriptions and chose the extracts for books. I continue to work for Inner Traditions and other clients as a freelance writer.

My business background combined with my literary interest makes the copywriting a great fit for me. My marketing copy is clear, concise and captivating. I find something interesting in every manuscript, product or service to capture readers’ attention making every word count. My writing is rich, because of my fluency in Spanish and English, but conversational and easy to read. I am objective-oriented and have never missed a deadline.


An exciting reading experience.

A beautifully paced and structured mystery; moving and sophisticated.

Something changed inside when he looked into the Windigo´s eyes and recognized his own human weakness. The fear of embracing the evil within haunted him day and night, making normality impossible.
Micimeka lived with this fear until he became but a walking skeleton in the village of Mazipskoik. His only comfort was knowing that if the change took place his cousin and best friend, Chief Bedagi, would kill him before he fed on the innocent people.


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