Content Writing, Copywriting & Translation Services

Beatriz Pimentel

Invest your time and efforts on running your business.

Leave the writing to me.

What I Do


Before I begin any project, I find out everything I can about my client, the company philosophy, pertinent industry, and what competitors are doing. My objective is to get that passion and enthusiasm across to the target audience to build trust and increase sales. 


I identify and highlight what makes the product or service stand out from the competition. Many times this competitive advantage is a small trait that has been undervalued by my client, but can make all the difference in targeting the right audience and closing sales.

Functional Translations

My translations are not literal because I strive to capture the message of the client in a way that resonates with the potential audience. Literal translations can lack meaning and, oftentimes, confuse or miss the vision offered by the client altogether.

Sales Print

From catalogue copy for unpublished manuscripts, to product descriptions for Amazon sales, you can trust me with the copywriting of your business. I am fast, versatile, creative, deadline-oriented and determined to meet all of my client's needs and expectations.

SEO-Rich Content

My blog posts link company specific products or services to current events, thus taking advantage of important news items that are trending and on the forefront of reader's minds.

A Few Of My Clients